Explore your destination thaks to a boat rental

Freshwater rental is now in vogue when it comes to boat rental. You don't need a boat license when you want to rent a boat on this lake. We just need to make a reservation at least one week before the departure date.

Renting a boat in winter

There are places that are available for boat travel in summer and are no longer accessible in winter. You should therefore check the boat calendar to see if your destination is marked in the boat routes. At the moment, countries that have a navigable freshwater body are suitable for this boat rental. We have the offers available on rental companies between individuals.

The ride on a public barge

You can buy tickets for the city tour on the large barge. Normally, the visit is done in a few hours, and you have a program available online. The price of the place for this trip on the water is less than 20 euros. Normally, this visit is complete, which gives you the opportunity to appreciate the new face of the city.

You can follow the same route as the barge for this motor boat rental. But you can extend the visit and enjoy the water activities available along the canal. The rental of a semi-motor boat is between 30 to 70 euros per day. You can find a very nice hotel and spend the night by the water. You can also find an artificial beach like the one on Lake Schladitzer and camp with your aunt.

Boat rental on the sea still exists in winter, with a long trip of about 8 to 15 days. We are talking about visiting the West Indies, and going around the islands, or the Caribbean or the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. We have the yachts or sailboats that are available for this trip.

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